Things I love

While I don’t have any fondness for winter, I love both Christmas and SS/HG. This means this month happens to be a pretty great one for my obsessive fan fic reading. Couple that with (an about to start) 2 weeks off work and you have the makings of pending bliss.

Thank you to all the amazing writers and artists who put so much time into making great stories and images for the rest of us to enjoy. I raise a glass in your honour! 🥃

Fandom-fun meme

Ten Favorite Characters from Ten Different Fandoms

1. Severus Snape -- Harry Potter (there was no vacillation in that one!)
2. Legolas - LOTR
3. Jasper - Twilight (don't like the books but like his story)
4. Col. Brandon - Sense and Sensibility
5. Elizabeth Bennett - Pride and Prejudice
6. Spock - old and new Star Trek
7. Gamora- Guardians of the Galaxy
8. Leah - Star Wars
9. Wolverine/Magneto - X-men (it was a tie...with Mystique/Charles a close second)
10. Kaylee Frye - Firefly

I tag -- anyone who thinks they'd enjoy doing this.

And for the record I would have happily had more than one HP character on this list.

A year already

Jan 14th has arrived and I'm still saddened by the loss one year later. RIP Mr. Rickman, actor, artist and inspiration.
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Best time of the year with all the reveals from hoggywartyxmas mini_fest and of course sshg_giftfest

I love trying to guess the writer - occasionally I get it but am always delighted either way.

Thank you to all the amazing authors and artists who brought such joy to all of us out here. Your beautiful tales in our favourite universe are a delight. :-)
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Intro post

I'm a HUGE fanfic fanatic and have just created this account in DW in case Livejournal goes caput with servers moving to Russia. I read HG/SS as my main love but love most pairings with Severus (Lupin, Draco, Minerva...) as well as HG/DM.

I'm still getting used to the format/rules of this site but hopefully not too many faux pas on my part!

Happy New Years all.
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